Monday, July 5, 2021

Project Log: Midgard - Townhouse I, Part 6

Back to my Midgard Townhouse project! I decided to completely change the design of the original Merchant House model. I have lowered the floor so that the interior is a bit higher and can fit the minis more easily. I also replaced original wood planks with flagstone. I removed the front wall and extended the whole floor for about 2cm, again to have more space inside. The original doors were fixed, so I decided to replace them with the hinged version. Now the doors are fully functional. I removed all the textures and details in interior as well as on the exterior because I plan to completely redesign them.


XarfaiEngel said...

Really starting to come together! Really ambitious to redo the detail on the wall, but I'm sure it will pay off!

Paintsquig1980 said...

Thanks man! :)

potsiat said...

A great project, but the time-consuming one as well, I bet!

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