Friday, February 26, 2021

Project Log: Altburg - Townhouse I, Part 2

The build of the first Altburg townhouse has begun! After more or less defining the design, it is time to actually start working on the ground floor. I started by gluing together different sections of the walls which I cut in desired dimensions.
For now, I am only focused on basic construction and forms. In later stages I will be blending different wall sections together by remodeling the areas where they connect. I will be also removing unwanted parts (like the doors on the photo above and bellow).
To get an idea where the walls of the elevated platform should be, I placed the balcony on upper floor for guidance. I want the walls to follow the shape of the balcony. I cut out the balcony from Tabletop World Fisherman House kit. However, this balcony is a bit to wide for the house, so I will probably make another one from scratch.

  I marked the outline of the stairs on the wall and used Dremel drill to remove some of the wall texture to fit the stairs more nicely.
After I encircled the house  with walls it was time to embed additional stairs and add flagstone flooring to the platform.
This is where I stand now. Next time I will finish the flooring and make some openings on the platform walls to make them more interesting - both visually and regarding gameplay.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mortreich Von Todtstein

red duke
Mortreich Von Todtstein is a brother of Kain Von Todtstein. He is as cruel and merciless as Kain, and equally vicious and capable commander. The two brothers always competed for dominance. Even in life, from the time they were little kids fighting with wooden swords, these two were constantly battling each other, be it in a direct way or by plotting schemes behind the curtain. Now in undeath, they are again confronted in the eternal battle for the favor of the supreme commander and their lord Kruger "Der Nacht K├Ânig". Mortreich was absent for several centuries while at the same time his brother supposedly banded with the Night King in his expedition to the Black Pyramid. It is said that he was roaming the lands of the old world on his own, in a search of a magical blade, an ancient dark relic of great power - the “Nightfang". Eventually, his search was successful. Some say that the sword was hidden within dimensions of the dark gods and demons, beyond this universe. Equipped with this ancient blade, it is widely believed that he can open various portals to netherworld and summon a vast horde of spectral minions in an instant. Therefore do not be fooled by his appearance of a lone vampire count warrior. The shadows that follow him reluctantly are always there, waiting to be unleashed upon his single commanding word from a death spell. There are even stories that the blood that ends up on this ancient blade never coagulates, keeping it in liquid form indefinitely. Words about Mortreich wielding the mighty Nightfang reached Kain fast. Thus his hatred towards his brother grew even greater, for every vampire’s dream is to hold this potent weapon. What will the future bring, and will this bad blood ever come to an end, only time will tell.

I remember, some 20 years ago, when me and my friends were playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th edition, this was one of my favorite Games Workshop models. I was playing Empire at the time and was so envious of my friend who played Vampire Counts. I wanted this Red Duke model so bad. :) Today, 20 years later, I still find this mini to be bloody awesome! The Duke is so full of character. Something that today's minis lack, in my opinion. And I finally own it! :D 

red duke
red duke
red duke
red duke
red duke

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Project Log: Altburg - Townhouse I, Part 1

This is going to be the start of a big and long project. My goal is to make a big, fully modeled and modular "Altburg" city board using, remodeling and converting only Tabletop World models. I am very excited about this project and think it will look awesome once it is done (If I manage to turn all my ideas into reality). This is something I really don't want to rush and will be working on it on and off whenever I feel like it. This big project will be divided into many smaller sub-projects as this one. I will be working on the separate buildings first. Once I have a decent number of buildings, I will be planing out the cityscape and modelling the board itself, with all the elevations, streets, bridges etc.

Here is a closeup shot of some of the Tabletop World buildings I have painted in the past:
So for my first townhouse I decided to use Tabletop World Merchant House as a starting point:
I collected many bits, wall sections, parts of various Tabletop World models which I thought might be useful for this project:

My idea is to make a tall townhouse which will be built on an elevated platform. Also, I want to give it a large balcony, perfect for marksman to shoot from.This will make it more interesting for gameplay. In general, I want this table to have many levels and places for miniatures to hide or take cover, so I will have that in mind when planing the buildings and the board. After all, I will be using this board for Mordheim. :)

Once I had a general idea of how I want this building to look I started to "sketch" it in real life using various wall sections and parts. After a lot of experimenting, this is the concept that kind of stuck with me (I will probably change some things as I go, but this is the starting point that I really like):

Now that I defined my idea it's time to actually start working on the model! Update will soon follow. Cheers guys! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Heresy Lab Militia Man

Recently I received some of the Heresy Lab miniatures to do a review on them. Some of the models are cast in resin and some are 3D printed. The quality of both is great, although there are some annoying print marks on the ones that are printed, which is in the most cases unavoidable. What I like the most about these minis is that many of them are really dynamic. Like this warrior I have painted, for example. He is packed with action and really looks like he is in the midst of combat. I think that the minis like this are perfect for skirmish games like Mordheim.


Speaking of Mordheim, here is one cool shot I took on the last session I had with my friends. Witch Hunters sniffing out the Skaven.


I have big plans regarding terrain! I will be converting many of the Tabletop World buildings and making a big gaming board. More about this soon! :)