Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Project Log: Altburg - Townhouse I, Part 16 - Final Showcase

And with all of the details done this long journey comes to an end! 🍺 I am very happy with the final result, the house turned out just how I envisioned it in my head 10 months ago when I started building the model.

In the end I decided to add even more color to the model by painting the plaster on the second floor in dark blue color and red and white stripes pattern on the window shutters. The red and white pattern for the shutters was a good call in my opinion. They make a model look really striking.
This is the first model that will be featured on my Altburg display/gaming board. Now its time to wrap it up and move to another project. So without further ado, here are the photos of the final piece:
Until the next time, cheers guys! 🍻

Monday, December 13, 2021

Project Log: Altburg - Townhouse I, Part 15

So this is where I'm at with the house at the moment. I have finished the lower part of the balcony as well as the cargo room and protruding window. Interiors are also finished.
Currently I am working on the roof and must say that this is the first time I am 100% satisfied with the way it is turning out. I always struggled to achieve that weathered look on the shingles and was never totally satisfied with the result. Now I finally have the formula! :) I have used nine different colors to get the desired look, ranging from grey and purple to brown and green.
I will be adding a bit of moss at the end. Here is a real life example of the look I am going for:
After the roof there are only some details for me to paint and this project will be finished! :)

Monday, December 6, 2021

Project Log: Altburg - Townhouse I, Part 14

For the plaster on the first floor I decided to go with the reddish terracotta color to break the monotony a little bit. I really like how it turned out. I am even thinking about adding different color to the second floor, maybe green or blue, but I will see about that. I have to paint the balcony, little cargo room on the back and protruding window on the side first.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Mortreich's Black Knights WIP pt.3

warhammer black knights

For my Black Knights standard bearer I wanted to use the classic skeleton horseman (I believe from 1993.) which I had sitting in my collection for quite some time. After some thinking I gathered the bits I needed for the project. For the hand holding the banner pole I used the one from the 90's Black Knights Command group blister. Flag is from the Death Upgrade Kit from Games Workshop.

On the horseman I had to cut off the arm, and on the banner pole the blade and the scull. I also had to remove all the rivets from the pole. Once I removed all unwanted parts I assembled the model. I left the banner unglued so I can paint the model easier. 

warhammer aos black knights

The new arm fitted perfectly onto the body. I didn't even have to use the modelling putty. Once I had it assembled it was time to bring him to un-life with some colors. :)

After I finished painting I realized that the banner is causing the model not to fit into the unit. I resolved this by heating the lower part of the banner (since it is made in resin) with a hairdryer and banding it backwards. This way not only was I able to fit the bearer into the unit, but also the flag looks more natural, like it is waving against the wind. With the Standard Bearer done, the first rank of my massive unit of black knights is completed! 


I think that the whole unit of 24 knights will be really a sight to see! 🧛

Friday, November 26, 2021

Project Log: Altburg - Townhouse I, Part 13

tabletop world

The moment has finally come to paint the house! :) I've been looking forward to it for quite some time. I finished the ground floor and I'm pleased how it turned out. I decided to do color variations between the stones a bit more subtle than usual. For some reason it looks more urban to me and thus fits better to the townhouse. I also didn't want to overdo with vegetation, for the same reason (which wasn't easy) :).

The ground floor is still missing all the details, like lanterns, doors, sign, shutters, etc.

tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
tabletop world timbered house
Now, on to the upper floor! :)