Sunday, February 21, 2021

Project Log: Midgard - Townhouse I, Part 1

This is going to be the start of a big and long project. My goal is to make a big, fully modeled and modular "Midgard" city board using, remodeling and converting only Tabletop World models. I am very excited about this project and think it will look awesome once it is done (If I manage to turn all my ideas into reality). This is something I really don't want to rush and will be working on it on and off whenever I feel like it. This big project will be divided into many smaller sub-projects as this one. I will be working on the separate buildings first. Once I have a decent number of buildings, I will be planing out the cityscape and modelling the board itself, with all the elevations, streets, bridges etc.

Here is a closeup shot of some of the Tabletop World buildings I have painted in the past:

So for my first townhouse I decided to use Tabletop World Merchant House as a starting point:

I collected many bits, wall sections, parts of various Tabletop World models which I thought might be useful for this project:

My idea is to make a tall townhouse which will be built on an elevated platform. Also, I want to give it a large balcony, perfect for marksman to shoot from.This will make it more interesting for gameplay. In general, I want this table to have many levels and places for miniatures to hide or take cover, so I will have that in mind when planing the buildings and the board. After all, I will be using this board for Mordheim. :)

Once I had a general idea of how I want this building to look I started to "sketch" it in real life using various wall sections and parts. I started to experiment with different ideas and concepts until I came up with one that I really like:

After a lot of experimenting, this is the concept that kind of stuck with me (I will probably change some things as I go, but this is the starting point that I really like):
Now that I defined my idea it's time to actually start working on the model! Update will soon follow. Cheers guys! :)


  1. Great project, good luck! I forgot about this company, but I have it in my favorite tabs;)

  2. This is looking really good! I have a smilier project long running and on ice for the moment but this is motivation to start cutting up more of the kits. How do you go about cutting the parts? Just razor saw in water? Do you have any recommendations to a noobie with the resin kits? :)

    1. Hello Kato,
      Thank you for your compliments! I use Dremel drill with various bits for cutting. I also use circular sander for evening out the surfaces. Would like to see your project! :)

    2. Hi. I will look into how I can use a dremel for that purpose, I didn't know it could also cut through the resin. Is there a specific saw-bit to put in the dremel tool? I will send you an image when I return to the buildings!

    3. Here is the link to the cutting bit I use:

      Looking forward to it! :)