Monday, January 10, 2022

Expanding the zombie horde

Every once in a while I want to (and need to) do a few zombies so that my zombie horde constantly grows. The Black Guard is still my biggest infantry unit, which does not make sense since they are an elite unit compared to zombies. I need to get to the three digit number to consider my zombie unit a decently sized horde.

Recently I bought some Forgotten World Living Dead Peasants which I intended to combine with my recently discontinued Games Workshop zombies. The size of the torso and legs fits perfectly with GW models, but heads and arms are significantly smaller. Especially the arms which are overexaggerated on GW models. They just didn't look right together.
Then I came up with an idea to combine the parts from the two kits. This way I will add variety to the unit without loosing cohesiveness. I used torsos from the Forgotten World zombies with the heads and arms from the Games Workshop zombies. I must say I was actually quite pleased how they fitted together, I didn't even end up with those bulging shoulders which is the thing I hate the most about GW zombies. I like that you get some female bodies in the FW kit which go awesomely well with those "Norma Bates" heads from the GW kit. 😁
I also like those typical, dragging, zombie legs which are featured on the FW models. So here is the result of combining the two kits:
warhammer zombies
warhammer zombies


  1. Unholy Fukk! The best painted zombies I have ever seen!!

  2. You can never have to many zombies! Seems like a great kit to add some variety to a unit.
    That resemblence between the GW head and the screenshot from Psycho is uncanny!

  3. They look even better than pure GW zombies! Love'em. Apart from the cool conversions, the paintjob is spectacular (as usual). Pale skintones and rusty metals are my favorite parts, but everything looks great. Well done.

    1. Thanks man! :) Yes, I think the two boxes combined make pretty nice zombie models.