Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Landsknecht Zombies ready to join the Horde!

I speedpainted all five Landsknecht zombies and they are ready to join Kain's Zombie Horde! I experimented a bit with skin tones because I want to add more variety to the unit in that regard, to show different stages of decay and decomposition of the flesh.

warhammer zombies
Looking at the photo I think I'm gonna be adding some blood and dirt on them, because they seem a bit to clean considering they are zombies.
warhammer zombies
As I said in the previous post these miniatures fit perfectly with oldhammer zombies both in size and style, as you can see on the photo above.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks mate! I think I will revisit them though. Add some dirt, rust and blood. :)

  2. Lovely work! It looks like they will fit into the unit perfectly.
    I agree, they will need a bit of dirt on them - you are no real zombie unless you have lain in the dirt for some time.

  3. Another great paintjob in your unique style :) They fit the oldhammer zombies indeed. Where are they from?