Friday, December 2, 2022

Oldhammer Undead

I have started a new side project...and yes, it's deaders again. :) I am starting a true oldhammer Undead army. The army will comprise of miniatures that were released in 70s and 80s and maybe some from early 90s, up to '93. Miniatures that are released in '94 and onward will be a part of my main Vampire Counts army which is mostly comprised of midhammer models.

The main reason I am separating the to armies is the style and size. Older models are way goofier and smaller. Also I wanted to do different (forest) bases on these old models.

Here is the first model of the skeleton unit. Games Workshop skeleton with sword 21, from 1985.

oldhammer undead skeleton
oldhammer undead skeleton

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